Another “trickle down” effect that these camps have is that they serve as our primary fundraisers for the Region 5 Apparel Fund. This Apparel Fund in turn provides the revenue to outfit our J.O. and Elite National Qualifiers with ample
rewards (in the form of gym bags, gymnastics outfits, leotards, warm ups, and other significant tokens of our appreciation).

It is our opinion that the athletes in our sport deserve to be showered with rewards when their uncountable hours of dedication finally pay off in terms of qualifying to nationals. The Region 5 Apparel Fund (funded primarily by the Regional Training Camps) provides us with the opportunity to do so. Any gym who supports the Region 5 Training Camps, by way of registering athletes for the various camps, will receive the rewards provided by the Region 5 Apparel Fund for any of their athletes who qualify to nationals.

In addition to outfitting our national qualifiers and their coaches, the Region 5 Apparel Fund provides and International Experience for the Region 5 Allstar Team. This team is comprised of the top 8 Level 10 athletes and the top 4 Elite athletes in Region 5. In order to be eligible for the Region 5 Allstar Team, one criteria is that the athlete MUST have attended one of the Region 5 Training Camps during that competitive year. Over the past 2 decades the Region 5 Allstar Team has traveled to Japan, Costa Rica, Slovenia & Italy, China, France, Spain, Guatemala, El Salvador, Malaysia, Cayman Islands, Brazil,
Argentina, England, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Sweden and Germany.

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