Whatever we accomplish belongs to our entire group, a tribute to our combined effort. (Walt Disney)

The Region 5 magic is in all of us. It is something that touches us deeply.
You might even be as crazy to say that it’s in our soul.
When we think about what Region 5 magic is…we think about the spirit that comes alive when we step out onto a National competition floor.
We have a great sense of belonging and community.
In Region 5 when it’s done right…everything fits together.
And when Region 5 gets it right nobody does it better.
The excitement is contagious!
Every gymnast and coach should get to experience the JO National stage. The best way to do that is through hard work, determination and teamwork.

Which begins with our training camps!!!

Region 5 Training Camp Mission Statement

We strive to provide our region with training opportunities to achieve competitive success, camaraderie, collaboration and education.

A new camp committee is in place for the region. They are your representatives, to bring to the regional committee, your inspiring ideas.

  • Lori Koch Region 5 Olympia Gymnastics
  • Glen Willmeng IL United Gymnastics
  • Dave Marus IN JPAC
  • Scott Austin KY Legacy
  • Tami Schaafsma MI Champion USA
  • Luke Wasson OH Perfection

All of our structural changes and decisions are based on the following goals:

  • Win Nationals!!
  • Provide a quality product that coaches, gymnasts and judges find value in attending.
  • Camp Directors will be at each camp to provide consistency from camp to camp.
  • Master Staff will be invited by camp committee. Additional staffing will be by sign up via the website.
  • Locations will be screened and approved by camp committee. Suggestions will come from the state representatives. Please contact us if you would like to be considered for host facility of a future camp. Locations for camps will rotate through the states.
  • To generate the income for the apparel fund and fulfill the requirements of the all star team.

Please go to the website frequently to view NEW & UPDATED information.

There will be many questions in the upcoming months….with many solutions!! Thank you for your support and patience!!

5 PRIDE!!!!!!

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