2016 Region 5 Forward Progress
Dates and Locations Coming Soon!

Please contact Lori Koch if you are interested in hosting a camp.

Forward Progress Criterion Policies

Eligibility Requirements:
* The participating club must have a coach attend
* The athlete must have completed level 9 or 10
* A Level 8 may be entered if they have scored a 36.50 all-around in a level 8 meet during the previous season and her coach intends for her to compete as a Level 9 gymnast the following year. (You must be able to give us the name the meet so that we can verify the score.) The athlete will not be allowing into the camp if this verification can not be made.

NOTE: Gyms that violate the criteria above will be approached by the camp director and reported to the Regional Committee. In addition, this gym will not be allowed to attend camp for the following year.

Registration Deadline:
* Camp Registration closes one month prior to Camp Date.
* Complete Entries ONLY will be accepted.
* All Registrations must be submitted on-line only

Scratches / Refunds:
*Full Refund: Scratch must be submitted at least 14 days prior to 1st day of camp.
* Possible Refund: Scratches submitted within 7 days of the 1st day of camp will be refunded IF the spot can be filled by another athlete.
* If a substitute athlete is submitted she must meet the same criteria as the scratched athlete.

* One check per Club (per camp)
* $125 per Athlete
* Make check payable to: Region 5 Apparel Fund

Mail Check to:
Lori Koch
c/o Olympia Gymnastics Academy
51676 Danview Technology Ct.
Shelby Township, MI 48315
Attn: Regional Camp Entry

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