• Registration for gymnasts for camps opens on June 1st.
  • Coaches registration will be approximately 1 month prior to camp.
  • The camp committee will be contacting master event clinicians very soon.
  • The registration process has been updated. Please read and follow the new process.
    • All changes, scratches and adds must be made through the website.
    • Coaches will need each gymnast’s 2017 level, their highest championship meet and the score at that meet.
    • If your gymnast did not compete in state meet or beyond, you may use the championship meet from 2016.
  • The entry requirements/scores and levels for each camp are firm and verified.
  • Camp Fee $150 per gymnast
  • Make checks payable to REGION 5 APPAREL FUND
  • Mail check and a copy of the email receipt to:
    Region 5 Training Camps
    51194 Romeo Plank Rd. #458
    Macomb, MI 48042




  1. Start by completing the Club Registration Form.
  2. Then enter your gymnasts using the Gymnast Registration Form.

For each registration you complete, you will receive an email which will contain a copy of the form and a link which will allow you to Change Information, Replace a gymnast, or Scratch a gymnast.

To begin registration, fill out the Club Registration Form:

Gymnast Registration Form

Please complete a Gymnast Registration Form for each gymnast entering training camp.
You will receive a confirmation email for each gymnast you enter.
(The emails will have a link in them to use to update information, replace a gymnast or scratch a gymnast)

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