2016 Region 5 Hot Shot Camp
Dates and Locations Coming Soon!


Please contact Lori Koch if you are interested in hosting camp.


Hot Shot Camp Criterion & Policies
Eligibility Requirements:

  • The participating club must have a coach attend
  • Camp is limited to maximum of 16 per group
  • 12 years and under (as of camp date)
  • Athlete must have competed at least level 5 or a level 4 who has received an all-around score of 37.00 or higher in 2014-2015 season AND meet these skill requirements:
  • Vault: 9.0 Handspring
  • Bars: Kip Cast Hand Stand, Single Bar Giant, Cast Flyaway
  • Beam: Back Handspring on High Beam, Roundoff on Low or High Beam
  • Floor: A two element front tumbling pass with a minimum of one salto, Layout at shoulder height
  • If an 8 yr old qualifies to Tops National Testing she may attend Hot Shot Camp and does not need to meet the requirement of having a giant on bars only. (this is because giants are not tested on this age group at Tops Nat. Testing but we feel this athlete is a “hot shot” and needs to experience this camp)
  • An athlete with the required skills who has been competing in a different program other than USA Gymnastics Level 1 – 10 but is eligible to compete in Level 7 and above, please submit a video to the Regional JO Chair for registration consideration.

Note: Gyms that violate the criteria above will be approached by the camp director and reported to the Regional Committee

Registration & Deadline:
 * Camp Registration closes one month prior to Camp Date.
* Complete Entries ONLY will be accepted.
* All Registrations must be submitted on-line only. Entries may NOT be emailed. 
If you are having difficulties with this system then call Lori for assistance. Please note, contacting Lori will not be accepted as your registration. Once your problem has been identified, you will still be required to register through the online system.

Scratches / Refunds:
*  Full Refund: Scratch must be submitted at least 14 days prior to 1st day of camp.
* Possible Refund: Scratches submitted within 7 days of the 1st day of camp will be refunded IF the spot can be filled by another athlete.

* One check per Club (per camp)
* $125 per Athlete
* Make check payable to: Region 5 Apparel Fund

Mail Check to:
Lori Koch
c/o Olympia Gymnastics Academy
51676 Danview Technology Ct.
Shelby Township, MI 48315
Attn: Regional Camp Entry

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